Watch Dr. Velasquez last video showing how to perform a root coverage with tunneling technique, managing soft tissue approximation and stability with Omnia PTFE sutures

"Root coverage procedures require meticulous soft tissue handling and manipulation.
Tissue approximation and stability are of paramount importance for the success of this type of surgeries.
Omnia's suture materials provide excellent handling for the surgeon, tissue bio-compatibility and comfort for the host.
The donor site has been sutured with a 6-0 ptfe suture utilizing a 1/2-11mm needle that facilitates tissue engagement in such restricted working space. A continuous interlocking suture compartmentalizes material allocation avoiding invasion of the recipient site.
The recipient site has been sutured utilizing a 5-0 ptfe suture attached to a 3/8 reverse extra cutting 12mm needle, that poses no challenges when accurately piercing tissue and reaching through interproximal embrassures.
Simply stated, this is a winning combination of suturing materials for mucogingival surgery".

Diego Velasquez