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We never stop promoting education and we are proud to do this in association with our Key Opinion Leader Dr. Diego Velasquez. This is the first exercise, we will soon publish the second one.

Exercise #1 utilizes 100% cotton gauze sponges to familiarize the microscope operator with different magnification levels in a tridimensional model. It starts with low magnification all the way to the highest magnification. Next, the operator is to practice aiming and clamping individual threads utilizing Omnia's anatomical diamond edge microsurgical tweezers.

This helps develop eye hand coordination at different levels of magnification. Once comfortable with this sequence, threads can be held and cut with Omnia's curved micro-scissors going at different depth levels of the gauze sponge.

This part of the exercise introduces the use of a second hand being brought into the operating field. Threads can then be pulled away and rewoven as desired. The last part of the exercise consists in the threading of a needle and suture following the intricacies of the woven mesh practicing holding the needle with both Omnia's anatomical diamond edge microsurgical tweezers and Omnia's diamond shaped micro castroviejo.