Here is the second exercise suggested by Dr. Diego Velasquez regarding Microscope Assisted Periodontics.

This exercise utilizes newspaper to acquaint the microscope operator with different magnification levels and hone tactile skills. In a similar fashion to exercise 1, it starts by viewing the object with low magnification all the way to the highest magnification level.

Then, utilizing the tip of a blade (i.e.,15c, 11 or 12) the operator is to choose a letter and scratch the ink off of the print without perforating the sheet of paper. This can be done multiple times.

The next challenge is to cut out a single letter in its entirety with the help of the scalpel blade and Omnia's anatomical diamond edge microsurgical tweezers.

Eye-hand coordination and utilization of two hands adds a level of more advanced complexity. Finesse in movements and force application is tested in this maneuver.