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  • EndoSINUS Elevator by D’Avenia EndoSINUS Elevator by D’Avenia

EndoSINUS Elevator by D’Avenia

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The use of EndoSINUS and CrestalSINUS devices allows you to optimize, accelerate and standardize the results of closed sinus elevation, independent of the technique used to access the sinus floor. For crestal elevation of the maxillary sinus using the EndoSINUS and CrestalSINUS devices together will allow you to: • Obtain a precise measurement of the bone tunnel across the whole osteotomy area; • Directly control the resilience and integrity of the sinus mucosa; • Detach more extensively and with direct control the sinus mucosa; • Avoid inaccuracies when interpreting the radiological images, thus reducing the risk of laceration; • Measure the real extensibility of the mucosa at the end of the detachment by selecting the appropriate volume of the graft and the correct implant length; • Precision insertion (including depth) of the graft material The EndoSINUS and CrestalSINUS are composed of two instruments each, a probe and a retractor. The EndoSINUS set is suitable for all closed access with a reduced diameter equal to or greater than 0.10”, usually in individual sites between two teeth with residual bone crest equal to or greater than 0.16”. The CrestalSINUS set is suitable for closed access with a diameter equal to or greater than 0.16”, usually multiple and in molar area, where there are no near teeth, and where the size of the edentulous saddle is consistent. For this reason, CrestalSINUS instruments have a 0.40” shorter stem in comparison to EndoSINUS set and a working part larger in diameter. The use of each instrument is similar between the two sets. INDICATIONS FOR ENDOSINUS ELEVATOR Sinus micro-curette for the closed elevation of maxillary sinus mucosa. Width: 0.09” Depth marking: 0.079”-0.12”-0.16”/0.20”-0.24”-0.28”/0.31”-0.35”-0.39” Material: Titanium

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