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Omnia Quality

At Omnia, we focus on achieving the highest level of reliability and quality in our products to ensure the safety of both patients and surgical staff.
We carry on a continuous research to provide a product that is constantly evolving, keeping pace with recent advances in technology and international standards.

Medical devices manufactured and marketed by Omnia must:

Meet the expectations of medical practitioners in terms of adequacy, safety, ease of use and clinical reliability
Be in line with the most advanced security and usability parameters, as required by the FDA cGMP 21 CFR for medical devices
Be produced and sterilized according to validated and controlled methods


Our production department is made up of an “ISO CLASS 8” white room and warehouse, which allows optimal creation and delivery of custom products. Our production system is called “room in room”, with access to the clean room only through decontamination chambers. This system is controlled by the multitude of safety and security checks and balances that need to be satisfied. Clean room air quality is of the utmost importance for the production and packing of aseptic medical components. Filtration, air conditioning, and diffusion systems are needed to protect against bacteria, dust and harmful substances.